Mission and Vision

To contribute to the science of health management in the light of contemporary and universal values; to reflect the department’s knowledge to the country's health system, health services and health institutions; to train qualified health managers for the future of the country by presenting the scientific and professional development opportunities in the most effective way possible for providing quality, efficient and effective health service; to create and maintain the pride of being a member of an institution equipped with the knowledge, skills, excitement and will to enable its students and employees to look at the future with confidence.


to lead production and dissemination of the knowledge in the field of health care management; to influence the development of the Turkish health care system positively; to train and promote the development with scientific researches; to be a leading unit in health management with its undergraduate and graduate programs in line with present needs and future projections.

Hacettepe University
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Health Management Department
D Block Floor: 4
06800, Beytepe Campus, ANKARA
Phone: + (90) 312 297 63 56/57/58
Fax: + (90) 312 297 63 59

Network page: www.sid.hacettepe.edu.tr
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